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Three questions leaders need to ask every day

“Why? Why not? And where’s the data?” These are the questions Honorable Gina Ortiz Jones asks when facing any given situation. “They’re simple questions,” she says, but they show, “the holes, assumptions and…also the data that we’re not collecting.” Honorable Jones is the former Under Secretary of the Air Force and she recently joined HOW Fellow, Dana Born, for a new episode of HOW Conversations. Watch the full episode to hear how Honorable Jones’ mentors helped her focus on a path that would lead her to become the first openly lesbian under secretary of any military branch.

Authentic apologies are about a lot more than just saying “I’m sorry.”

Top-tier moral leaders are more likely to apologize authentically and take meaningful responsibility. For our December 2022 The State of Moral Leadership in Business Report we asked people about not only the frequency, but the merits of the apologies they received from their managers. We found that top-tier moral leaders were more likely to have employees who have seen them apologize and employees who have seen their manager apologize are more likely to recommend their organizations as good places to work.
The bottom line: moral leaders recognize the importance of meaningful apologies and they don’t apologize looking for something in return. Learn more about Dov Seidman‘s five characteristics of an authentic apology in this article.

We’re thrilled to announce the kick off of our March 2023 NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership cohort. To learn more about our NXT-GEN fellowship, check it out here.

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