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The business of hope

Darren Walker is the President of the Ford Foundation.

Earlier this month we welcomed back to HOW Conversations a very special guest, Darren Walker, the President of the Ford Foundation. Mr. Walker joined Dov Seidman, Founder of The HOW Institute, to discuss Mr. Walker’s new book, From Generosity to Justice: A New Gospel of Wealth.

“I was born into an America that believed in my promise.” Mr. Walker tells Dov, “I had hope, hope is the oxygen of democracy. And philanthropy is, in some ways, the business of hope.” Watch the full episode to learn why Mr. Walker, who is also on the Board of Directors of The HOW Institute, believes philanthropy must harness hope and move beyond charity to address both dignity and justice.

Order your copy of From Generosity to Justice here.

Authentic leadership builds trust 

Working remotely has forced a closer level of intimacy as Zoom screens have revealed our homes, our families, and our lives. It is hard not to be authentic – and vulnerable – when someone has a window into an individual’s world. And instead of being a distraction to work, this greater authenticity has made it possible for us to see the humanity in each other and, in turn, to bring us closer together.

In fact, our Human Connection in the Virtual Workplace report found that over half of respondents voiced that since March 2020 their manager is more open to sharing details about their non-work life that may affect their work. A full 75% agree that knowing details about their manager’s non-work life helps them to get their work done more effectively.

Read more about building trust through authentic leadership.

A big thank you!

We are so grateful to our NXT-GEN coaches for dedicating their time, expertise, and guidance to the March 2023 cohort of NXT-GEN Fellows! Your contributions are invaluable. Learn how your organization can get involved in our NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership.

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