Summit for Moral Leadership in Business

The evolution of technology and demographics has resulted in a faster and flatter world with greater transparency and interdependence. Combined with political polarization, our trust in others and our understanding of truth is on trial. Everything feels proximal and personal, and everyone seems morally activated.

Now more than ever, we need leaders to guide us over, around, and through the swamp of anger and blame. We need leaders who put humanity, shared values, and purpose at the core of how they lead. We need moral leaders.

In collaboration with our partners, The HOW Institute for Society will co-host a one-day summit bringing together diverse leaders from different sectors and different generations to discuss and explore the imperative for moral leadership in our divided world.

The Summit agenda will address major issues impacting our lives today where moral leadership is crucial to turn the tide from narrow-interests and fear to human advancement. Through the Summit, The Institute will:

  • Establish “Moral Leadership” as a critical topic in public discourse and launch continuing content that will motivate the ongoing conversation.
  • Build a community of those interested in finding tangible solutions to core issues challenging us today.
  • Engage future leaders in the discussion to begin to solidify their commitment to lifelong moral leadership.