The HOW Institute Team is pleased to provide you with a set of materials and resources that we hope will help to deepen your understanding of our mission and our work.

HOW Institute Intro Deck describes our mission, imperatives and full range of activities as well as information about our Board of Directors as well. Click here to download.

HOW Institute Mission Imperatives and Activities also describes our mission, imperatives, focus areas and Board members. The descriptions of our activities provide more depth and detail than our Intro Deck. Click here to download.

NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership Brochure provides additional information on our program designed to help emerging leaders advance on their journey of moral leadership. Click here to download.

The main finding of our 2020 Moral Leadership in Business Report  is that employees see moral leadership in short supply in their bosses and CEOs but seek it and many are willing to change jobs and even take a pay cut to work for a moral leader. Click here to download.

Several relevant articles including one from Fortune Magazine written by Dov Seidman illuminating the four pillars of moral leadership and two columns by Tom Friedman from The New York Times that explore how the relentless march of technology demands moral leadership. Click here to download.

COVID19 communication shared with the guests that attended a HOW Board-hosted dinner at the Ford Foundation on February 24, 2020 right before the coronavirus crisis really took hold.  Click here to download.

A recent video conversation between Angela Ahrendts and Dov Seidman which was part of our virtual graduation event for our most recent NXT-GEN Fellow cohort. The event was made virtual due to the coronavirus crisis. Click here to view.