NXT-GEN Moral Leadership Fellowship

“Human systems can’t function without formal authority, whether it’s the Commander in Chief, a CEO or a school principal. But what makes organizations really work is when leaders occupying those formal positions have moral authority, too. While formal authority can be seized, won or bestowed, moral authority must be earned by who you are and how you lead.”  —Dov Seidman

The NXT-GEN program helps emerging leaders build moral authority in their respective realms and then use it to do big, meaningful things. Participants from business, civil society and government develop their own moral codes, senses of purpose, and personal leadership styles and skills. The program’s dynamic curriculum based on four pillars of moral leadership draws on lessons from law and moral philosophy to identify the key traits of a moral leader.

Participants wrestle with the principles, nuances and application of moral leadership through workshops, case studies, guest speakers and a culminating practicum project. Ultimately, the program launches the participants on a journey which will see them use the skills, mindsets and behaviors they develop, to better their organizations and our society, and through that themselves.