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Moral Leadership

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“Human systems can’t function without formal authority, whether it’s the Commander in Chief, a CEO or a school principal. But what makes organizations really work is when leaders occupying those formal positions have moral authority, too. While formal authority can be seized, won or bestowed, moral authority must be earned by who you are and how you lead.”  —Dov Seidman

The NXT-GEN Fellowship is an accelerator for emerging organizational leaders navigating our increasingly interdependent and morally activated world. Drawing on lessons from history, current events, and moral philosophy, Fellows wrestle with the principles, nuances, and applications of the pillars and practices of moral leadership through discussions, readings, videos, workshops, case studies, and guest speakers.

The highly interactive curriculum is organized around seven key moral leadership practices and is put into action through a practicum project which challenges Fellows to apply moral leadership mindsets, ideas, and practices to a current critical work project. Supported by small group coaching, intentional community building sessions, and a toolkit of practical activities, Fellows emerge from the program both equipped and connected, inspired to continue and scale their moral leadership journeys within their organizations and beyond.

Guest Speaker Highlights

Angela Ahrendts

Our board member, and former SVP Retail at Apple and CEO of Burberry, spoke with Dov Seidman at our NXT-GEN 2020 Virtual Graduation. We’ve distilled this highly engaging conversation into key lessons for emerging leaders here and we encourage you to view the entire discussion as well.

General Timothy Ray

Never leave your people in the sun without a good reason why. General Timothy Ray describes his approach to moral leadership as putting people first before anything else. View his entire conversation with HOW Fellow Dana Born here.

Lt. General (ret.) Nadja West

Lieutenant General (ret.) Nadja West shares her father’s story of living through racial segregation and finding hope for brighter years ahead and how his experience inspired her to join the military. View her entire conversation with HOW Fellow Dana Born here.

Practicum Project Examples

Marie-Rose Mukahirwa

Director, Humanitarian and Development
Dubai, UAE

Incorporating the moral leadership practices of upholding ethical standards, acting with courage, and fostering an environment of trust, Marie-Rose led a team in developing a sustainable operating model to extend digital services in a fragile context. This entailed defining commercial delivery guidelines while adhering to humanitarian “do no harm” principles.

Katarina Czarniak

Managing Director, Philanthropy
California, US

Built a new values and principles agreement for Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle of 400 members.

Andrea Reynolds

Director, Business Development
Toronto, ON Canada

Decency has always been at the heart of Mastercard’s culture. As an active member of a culture subcommittee in Canada, Andrea will leverage the moral leadership principles into the long-term strategic planning process to help further drive a winning culture.

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