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Moral Leadership

“Human systems can’t function without formal authority, whether it’s the Commander in Chief, a CEO or a school principal. But what makes organizations really work is when leaders occupying those formal positions have moral authority, too. While formal authority can be seized, won or bestowed, moral authority must be earned by who you are and how you lead.”  —Dov Seidman


The fellowship is designed for emerging managers and leaders navigating our increasingly interdependent and morally activated world. Participants engage with the tools, language, and coaching they need to inspire and scale values-based behavior in an increasingly complex world and workplace.
Drawing on the frameworks in Dov Seidman’s bestselling book How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything, fellows embark on a journey to actively develop and incorporate the four pillars and seven practices of moral leadership. They examine frameworks and wrestle with case studies from history and current events, navigating the imperfect grey decisions leaders are frequently asked to make.


NXT-GEN Fellows are leaders who have stood out in their organizations for exhibiting values-based behavior and principled decision-making. They have been selected for their potential to become even more effective and inspiring moral leaders, ready to take the next step in their careers.


The highly interactive curriculum is facilitated through virtual live events and online discussions, readings, and videos, enabling global cohorts which to date have included some 450 fellows from six continents and 32 countries. Fellows put their learnings into action through a practicum project which challenges them to apply moral leadership practices to a current work project. At the end of the 15-week fellowship, fellows join an active community and emerge equipped, connected, and inspired to continue their moral leadership journeys within their organizations and beyond.

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Our current cohort ends on June 11th and the next cohort is scheduled for September 3, 2024, through December 17, 2024. To learn more about the NXT-GEN Fellowship and/or explore participation, please contact Max Cohen, Fellowship Director, at m.cohen@thehowinstitute.org.

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A leadership fellowship is typically tailored to improving moral leadership skills in the real world. The NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership is designed for emerging managers and leaders navigating our increasingly interdependent and morally activated world and workplace. Leaders within organizations need new frameworks, playbooks, and communities to make difficult decisions, frame conversations, forge healthy interdependences, and inspire the highest performance.
Our leadership fellowship is a global, cross-organizational learning experience.  It is unique in that it helps ensure the formal leaders of the future have a deeper well of moral authority to draw upon as they advance in their careers allowing them to make a positive impact in the world, in their organizations, and in their communitites.
Our moral leadership fellowship curriculum offers participants a unique opportunity to enhance their leadership skills while cultivating a strong moral framework. Fellows wrestle with the principles, nuances, and applications of moral leadership. Teachings draw on lessons from history, current events, and moral philosophy. The interactive curriculum is organized around HOW’s moral leadership pillars and practices and designed to leave fellows catalyzed, connected, and capable to spread moral leadership through their organizations.
In short, moral leadership fellowships are a worthwhile investment. Our success metrics show that among fellows who completed the NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership:
96% agree the fellowship coaching experience was valuable
97% agree the fellowship was valuable and worthwhile overall
97% agree the fellowship equiped them with valuable leadership skills
98% agree the fellowship has inspired them to take on more responsibilty in promoting moral leadership within their organization