Moral Leaders Foster ‘Freedom To’ Opportunities

Employees want roles where they are able to use their creativity, share their ideas, connect around shared values, and be inspired.

The State of Human Connection at Work report clearly demonstrates that working for an organization that values connection increases the likelihood that a person intends to remain at their company. Specifically, of the respondents who either agree or strongly agree that their organization values human connection, an overwhelming 86% of those respondents report that they intend to stay at their organization for at least the next year. What this says to us is that workers are vocally rejecting the traditional carrot-stick methods of managing. They are less interested in “Freedom From” and instead value “Freedom To” — the freedom to be themselves, innovate, and speak their mind at the office.

“86% of employees says their organizations values human connection”

quote by Dov Seidman stating the importance of freedom from to freedom to

Related to this idea, we know many organizations and workplaces are currently evolving their guidelines and policies. We’re encouraged by the fact that over two thirds of respondents voiced that the policies their organization are enacting will help them achieve their professional goals. Similarly, two thirds agree that the policies will help them achieve their personal goals.

However, we see a disconnect in how individuals voice how well their manager understands their personal and professional goals. As classic management literature preaches, individuals don’t leave companies, they leave managers. There is an opportunity to ensure that managers are developing close understandings of their employees’ aspirations. If this doesn’t happen, all the best organizational policies in the world won’t prevent an employee from eventually growing disenchanted, disconnected, and ultimately finding a new home for their talents.