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What’s love got to do with leadership?

Brenda Cassellius is the Executive Director of Fresh Energy and the former Superintendent of Boston Public Schools.

“We need to talk a lot more about love,” Dr. Brenda Cassellius tells HOW Fellow Dana Born on the newest episode of HOW Conversations. “Leaders are constantly giving out love to their teams, to their mission, and their purpose. Showing love and doing that unconditionally gives people hope.” During her 30-year career as a teacher, administrator, mentor, and leader, Dr. Cassellius has learned that moral leaders inspire people by touching their hearts, not just their minds. Watch the full episode and hear more about the connection between love and trust and why Dr. Cassellius says leaders need to get “spicey” every day.

Dov Seidman’s latest thoughts on the new human-centered economy and ethical A.I. technology

The HOW Institute Founder and Chairman, Dov Seidman, joined Timothy Henry and Raj Sisodia on The Conscious Capitalists podcast to talk about the new, human-centered economy, “The business of business is no longer just business. The business of business is society. It’s human,” Dov told the hosts in Part 1 of their conversation. Click on the image to listen to the full episode and be sure to subscribe to receive an alert for Part 2 coming next week.
Earlier this month Dov spoke with Tom Friedman in The New York Times about the Pandora’s box of artificial intelligence. “We cannot afford another generation of technologists proclaiming their ethical neutrality and telling us, ‘Hey, we’re just a platform,’ when these A.I. technologies are enabling exponentially more powerful and profound forms of human empowerment and interaction,” Dov said. Click here to read the full piece.

Human connections are key to feeling more engaged and inspired at work

Earlier this month the U.S. Surgeon General warned that we are facing an epidemic of loneliness and isolation brought on by a lack of social connections. Humans are social animals, as Aristotle argued long ago, and we need meaningful interactions with others to thrive.

Since early 2020 The HOW Institute has been studying the critical importance of the relationships that fuel today’s human-centered economy. We’ve surveyed thousands of employees asking them about their connections to their organizations, their managers and their colleagues. We found that when employees feel like they are part of a community they are more engaged and inspired. Learn what leaders can do to maintain and foster deep, meaningful connections at work in our Human Connection reports.


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