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The HOW Institute Newsletter
October 2023

Eboo Patel is the Founder and President of Interfaith America

Leadership means doing the hard work of building up institutions 

Eboo Patel knows leadership is hard work, “Anybody who runs a YMCA, anybody who is a principal of a school, anybody who runs an athletic team, you know that what you have to do is show up everyday and move a half inch forward. That is what building a society looks like.”  Dr. Patel is the Founder and President of Interfaith America, a unique organization that leverages religious diversity to solve societal challenges. On this new episode of HOW Conversations, Dr. Patel spoke with Dana Born, Distinguished Fellow at The HOW Institute, about why diversity is essential to a healthy democracy, how leaders need to build up institutions and why he thinks the United States is more like a pot-luck dinner, not a melting pot, “You want people to bring their best dish inspired by their identity and you want those dishes to mix and combine in interesting, creative and delicious ways, and in a space where people can have enriching conversations.”

Watch the full episode on YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you can be first to know when there’s a new HOW Conversations episode). And be sure to check out Eboo Patel’s new book, We Need to Build, Field Notes for Diverse Democracy available here.

Shared moral values inspire human connection at work

Aligning personal goals with organizational goals is more important than ever to employees. 

The HOW Institute’s State of Human Connection at Work report shows that working within an organization that values human connection makes it more likely that an individual feels this alignment. Of the respondents who either agree or strongly agree that their company values human connection, 84% also report that they believe their organization has a positive impact on the world. Furthermore, of those that work in cultures that value connection, 84% of respondents agree that they are proud to work for their company.

Read more about how alignment in values and mission inspires meaningful human connection in the workplace here.

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