Thinking Higher, Feeling Deeper

Thinking Higher, Feeling Deeper: Honoring Elie Wiesel July 2, 2017 By Dov Seidman Today marks one year since the passing of Professor Elie Wiesel. To me, and certainly to countless others, Elie Wiesel was a, if not the moral conscience of our world. Professor Wiesel said that “words can sometimes, in moments of

The Gift of Pause

The Gift of Pause October 15, 2015 By Dov Seidman Sometimes the best gifts in life come to us in unusual ways. So it was with my dear friend Mats Lederhausen's recent birthday. Aptly named a "former wunderkind" by, Mats was turning fifty, and as a celebratory gesture of this milestone, he and his wife

Our Employer-Employee Marriages Need Counseling

Our Employer-Employee Marriages Need Counseling February 24, 2015 By Dov Seidman The monthly jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reads like a national marriage scorecard. There are tallies of courtships (“job openings”), marital unions (“hires”) and a variety of divorces (“total separations,” “quits,” “layoffs” and “discharges”). Our recent scorecards contain

Time for a Pause

The New York Times – With technology exposing our behaviors and secrets for the world to comment on, we must pause to reflect and imagine a better way in this newly interdependent world. January 6th, 2015

Knowledge Economy to the Human Economy

From the Knowledge Economy to the Human Economy November 12, 2014 By Dov Seidman Over the course of the 20th century, the mature economies of the world evolved from being industrial economies to knowledge economies. Now we are at another watershed moment, transitioning to human economies—and the shift has profound implications for management. What do I mean by the human economy?

How Human is Your Company?

How Human is Your Company? October 23, 2014 By Dov Seidman “There is a difference between doing the next thing right, and doing the next right thing.” - Peter F. Drucker Online quizzes have suddenly become a “cheap – if vexing – form of modern self-analysis,” according to The Wall Street Journal. In a recent 24-hour

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