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A message for future leaders from Bill George

Bill George has a challenge for the next generation—lead with authenticity. “We need you as leaders to step up now and hear the call.” Bill is a professor at Harvard Business School, a best-selling author and the former CEO of Medtronic. Click above to watch Bill and Dov Seidman, founder and chairman of The HOW Institute, on a new episode of HOW Conversations.

Be sure to check out Bill’s new book, written with Zach Clayton, True North, Emerging Leader Edition.

We need moral leaders 

Our latest report, The State of Moral Leadership in Business, shows about 90% of employees believe the need for real moral leadership from their managers and leaders is more urgent than ever; yet only 12% of CEOs consistently demonstrate behaviors associated with moral leadership.

Moral leadership—or the lack of it—impacts everything, from the levels of trust within teams, to employee loyalty, to the bottom line.

In fact, the report found that 98% of employees would recommend their organizations as good places to work when their most senior leader is ranked as a top-tier moral leader. Read more of the findings from the December 2022 report and our past reports on our research page.

On a journey of moral leadership 

The HOW Institute’s NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership is for emerging managers and leaders who are navigating our increasingly interdependent and morally activated world. The next cohort runs from February 28th through June 14th. Learn how your organization can get involved here or contact fellowship director Max Cohen at


Watch this short video about the NXT-GEN Fellowship

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