Shared Moral Values Inspire Human Connection at Work

Aligning personal goals with organizational goals is more important than ever to employees and brings us closer together.

Compared to March 2020, over half of respondents believe it is now more important for them to work for an organization or a company that is aligned with their personal values. Our simple interpretation of this finding when people come face to face with the limits of their humanity, it becomes all the more important to seek out shared moral values, common purpose, and to walk together in our journeys of significance.

photo of construction workers on scaffolding

The HOW Institute’s State of Human Connection at Work report shows that working within an organization that values human connection and interpersonal relationships makes it more likely that an individual feels this alignment. Of the respondents who either agree or strongly agree that their company values human connection, 84% also report that they believe their organization has a positive impact on the world. Furthermore, of those that work in cultures that value connection, 84% of respondents agree that they are proud to work for their company.

There are two layers of implications embedded within these findings: The first is that individuals must take the time to understand their own goals and mission. And the second is that organizations must do the same. Without clarity of purpose, there cannot be shared values. And without shared values there cannot be meaningful connection. Alignment in values and mission inspires connection in the workplace.

graphic showing employees are proud to work for companies with similar values