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The Moral Leadership Journey with Gautam Mukunda

Gautam Mukunda takes us on a journey to explore moral leadership with a long-term mindset. This HOWClass helps examine the way in which moral leadership can erode, the power of our actions, and the importance of internal storytelling. Gautam’s personal anecdotes and objective analysis of issues paint a clear picture of the current state of ethics in decision making, and the significance of principled leadership development.

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Angela Ahrendts

Our board member, and former SVP Retail at Apple and CEO of Burberry, spoke with Dov Seidman at our NXT-GEN 2020 Virtual Graduation. We’ve distilled this highly engaging conversation into key lessons for emerging leaders here and we encourage you to view the entire discussion as well.

General Timothy Ray

Never leave your people in the sun without a good reason why. General Timothy Ray describes his approach to moral leadership as putting people first before anything else. View his entire conversation with HOW Fellow Dana Born here.

Lt. General (ret.) Nadja West

Lieutenant General (ret.) Nadja West shares her father’s story of living through racial segregation and finding hope for brighter years ahead and how his experience inspired her to join the military. View her entire conversation with HOW Fellow Dana Born here.

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Dov Seidman at the UN General Assembly

HOW-IS’ Founder, Dov Seidman, delivered the keynote in the UN General Assembly at the 15th anniversary of the UN Global Compact about why the faster our world moves, the more we need to pause to reconnect with our values and reimagine a more sustainable way forward.

Thoughts on Leadership in a Re-shaped World

HOW-IS Founder Dov Seidman and Board Member Admiral James Stavridis explore what makes great leaders, and what new skills are needed in today’s dynamic business environment at the CNBC Evolve Summit.