HOW Conversations

The HOW Conversations webinar series brings together a varied group of experts and leaders to discuss timely issues of our reshaped world through the lenses of moral leadership, principled decision-making, and value-based behavior.

Moral Leaders Are Dealers in Hope

Admiral James Stavridis says when leaders set positive goals and visions people will stand and deliver—leaders need to be “dealers of hope.”   Admiral Stavridis is a member of the board of The HOW Institute and an Operating Executive at the Carlyle Group.  He spoke with HOW Fellow, Brigadier General Dana Born, in the first of a series of special HOW Conversations with military leaders.  Watch the full episode with Admiral Stavridis to learn more about the difference between leadership and character and which books every moral leader should read.

CEO Chip Bergh Admits Levi Strauss has a Diversity Problem but He’s Got a Plan to Fix It

On this episode of HOW Conversations, the CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh tells Dov Seidman how difficult it was to learn only about 3% of Levi’s leadership management are black. And how he’s leading the plan to fix the problem. ‘A diverse organization at all levels will outperform a homogenous one every single time’ Chip tells Dov. They also discuss the hard choice Chip had to make to lay off staff during the crises and what Chip learned about leadership from the Army.

Moral Leadership is now a Survival Skill

Dov Seidman and Nancy Gibbs, Lombard Director of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School and a HOW Institute Board member, have a wide-ranging conversation that touches on the many reasons that in this extraordinary moment where we, collectively, are facing so many simultaneous crises, moral leadership has evolved from a worthy pursuit to a critical survival skill for the future of society and humanity.