The Future of Moral Leadership

The Future of Moral Leadership & Organizational Behavior Understanding the current state of moral leadership is crucial for today's leaders. But what does the future hold? Our latest report presents a complex yet enlightening picture: nearly half of our respondents felt that the best days of moral leadership were in the past,

Impunity in Organizations | The HOW Institute for Society

The Imperative of Moral Leadership in Counteracting Impunity within Organizations The Prevalence of Impunity in the Workplace Recent data highlights a disconcerting trend in the corporate world: a significant portion of employees believe that misconduct, especially among high-performing individuals, goes unchecked. The numbers present a stark reality: In 38% of organizations, employees

The Power of Moral Leadership in 2024

The Power of Moral Leadership in 2024 In an ever-accelerating world, the need to intentionally slow down becomes paramount for leaders aiming to navigate with moral clarity. The practice of pausing—a strategic stillness—emerges as a cornerstone for moral leadership, fostering self-awareness, aligning with team and stakeholder needs, and propelling thoughtful, impactful progress. Echoing

Christie Sclater

Christie Sclater Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Chief of Staff The Estée Lauder Companies With 15 years of experience in global strategy, marketing, and communications, Christie Sclater drives business and human value for the world’s leading brands. A dynamic and purpose-driven executive, Christie

Zainab Salbi

Being a leader for me is about having the courage to speak the truth, and live the truth, despite attempts to silence our thoughts, feelings, and past experiences.

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