Dennis Nally

You have to step back and take away from the lessons you have learnt. I am thrilled The Institute is helping the next generation of leaders learn to do just that.

Nancy Gibbs

In an attention economy, ratings are power. Not just TV ratings but Facebook likes, and Google searches, and Twitter mentions… Conflict commands attention, attention equals influence. HOW is the antithesis of this and we need influence based on values, purpose and community.

Ajay Banga

Decency is the foundation for the kinds of relationships that drive respect, innovation, urgency and enterprise-wide thinking. It’s what supports and inspires people to believe that they can trust you and that you will have your hand on their back and not in their face.  This lets them know that they can bring their full hearts and minds to all that they do.

Paul Polman

Leaders of tomorrow need to be purpose-driven: comfortable with transparency, working in partnership, wrestling with complexity. But above all, they need to be human beings.

Admiral James Stavridis

Strong leaders must follow the truth wherever it leads. Nothing is more dangerous than a subordinate who will shade or alter the truth in order to curry favor or impress the boss. Leadership must be built on teamwork, mutual respect, and above all a shared sense of a common objective.

Amy Rosen

The best interest of children should trump all and demands that leaders in Education pause regularly and consider how to do just that while balancing all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

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