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Empathy is key to moral leadership

Lt. Gen. Brian Cavanaugh is a Marine Commander

Lieutenant General Brian Cavanaugh joined us for a new episode of HOW Conversations this month. Lt. Gen. Cavanaugh hails from Baltimore and currently serves as the Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic; Commander, Marine Forces Command; and Commander, Marine Forces Northern Command. He spoke with retired Air Force Brigadier General and Distinguished HOW Fellow Dana Born about how he draws inspiration from junior Marines and the importance of leading with empathy, “If you can really walk in other people’s shoes and understand where they are going, you can help them get there. And every time you help someone in your unit, your unit gets better. Empathy is key to that, from a moral leadership perspective.” Watch the new episode of HOW Conversations here.

Leading with trust is the foundation for human connection

Meaningful human connections are fundamentally about trust. Without trust we cannot be united in purpose and progress as a society. With trust we have cultures that are primed for connection and as a result, outsized impact.

The State of Human Connection at Work report finds there has been an increase in trust since the onset of the pandemic. We see this in the results of individuals self-reporting how they have extended trust to others and how they believe they are trusted. In fact, about a third of people surveyed state an increase in trust since March 2020.

Read more about how trust is the foundation for human connection.

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