HOW we do anything means everything. The HOW Institute for Society seeks to build and nurture a culture of moral leadership, principled decision-making and values-based behavior that enables individuals and institutions to meet the profound social, economic, and technological changes of the 21st Century to elevate humanity. >>

Summit on Moral Leadership

A dynamic one-day event with engaging speakers and discussions illustrating the urgency for moral leadership in today’s world. Fast-paced, interactive and interpersonal, with a call to action to be the leader the world needs now.  Find out more >>

HOW Activities


The NXT-GEN Moral Leadership Fellowship helps emerging leaders from business, civil society and government build moral authority in their respective realms and then use it to do big, meaningful things.


HOW Fellows are established leaders, both in thought and action, with a deep commitment to expanding their contribution to the moral leadership discussion through research, writings, lectures and media contributions.

HOW Community

The HOW Institute for Society brings together a community of leaders from business, academia, government, civil society and beyond who are actively committed to practicing and amplifying moral leadership, principled decision-making and values-based behavior. Learn more about our Board of Directors >> and Fellows >>

HOW Ideas

Dov Seidman at the UN General Assembly

HOW-IS’ Founder, Dov Seidman, delivered the keynote in the UN General Assembly at the 15th anniversary of the UN Global Compact about why the faster our world moves, the more we need to pause to reconnect with our values and reimagine a more sustainable way forward.

In Defense of Nuance

Darren Walker reflects on the need for nuance amid an era of extremism in order to address society’s most pernicious challenges.

Are Leaders Made by History, or Do They Make It?

Gautam Mukunda, a Harvard Business School Professor who spoke to HOW-IS’ first NXT-GEN class, offers an enticingly fresh look at how and when individual leaders really can make a difference.

The Decency Quotient

Ajay Banga discusses with Guy Raz how he runs Mastercard – one of the world’s largest companies – with an unusual leadership philosophy… something he calls “the decency quotient.” (Subscription required).