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Moral Leadership Framework

Moral leaders see the humanity in everyone and take time to discover other's hopes & aspirations. They listen and learn from those they lead. Read more about the practices of moral leadership created by @DovSeidman
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In the Wake of the Capitol Riots, We Need to Restore Moral Leadership

Writing in TIME, Nancy Gibbs links the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol to the collapse of moral leadership and notes that without a restoration of moral leadership democracy itself is imperiled.

The Imperative of Moral Leadership

Ford Foundation President and HOW Institute Board member Darren Walker makes a powerful argument that we are facing a test of moral leadership that will determine whether and how democracy can endure.

Today, we have a real crisis of leadership and authority…

In Tom Friedman’s October 6, 2020 New York Times column, Dov Seidman provides a framework to assess leadership during this time of crisis – those who put more truth and trust in the world than they erode will be admired today and remembered well in history.

The Decency Quotient

Ajay Banga discusses with Guy Raz how he runs Mastercard – one of the world’s largest companies – with an unusual leadership philosophy… something he calls “the decency quotient.” (Subscription required).

HOW Community

The HOW Institute for Society brings together a community of leaders from business, academia, government, civil society and beyond who are actively committed to practicing and amplifying moral leadership, principled decision-making and values-based behavior. Learn more about our Board of Directors >> and Fellows >>

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The NXT-GEN Fellowship for Moral Leadership helps emerging leaders from business, civil society and government build moral authority in their respective realms and then use it to do big, meaningful things.


HOW Conversations brings together a varied group of experts and leaders to discuss timely issues of our reshaped world through the lenses of moral leadership, principled decision-making, and values-based behavior.